Our Leadership

Executive Committee


Reverend Steven Lawrence, Board Chair 

Dr. Charles McNeil, Treasurer

Reverend Msgr. Michael Carroll, Secretary 

Dr. Malcolm T. Byrd, President

Dr. Marsha Brown-Woodard, Vice-President

Rev. David Brown

Kory Grushka, Esq.

Rev. Adan Mairena

Board of Directors


Rebecca Bar 

Todd Bernstein

Neomosha Nelson, Esq. 

Dr. Wallace Charles Smith, Chair Emeritus 

Dr. Harris Sokoloff

Rabbi David Straus 


Let's Connect

Email: newcorephila@gmail.com

Web: www.newcorephilly.org 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/newcore.philly?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/new_core_philly

Join NewCORE at its Monthly Conversation 

8a, 1st Thursdays of each Month

 at White Rock Baptist Church

 53rd & Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia