About NewCORE the Conversation


 The mission of NewCORE is to harness the power of sincere conversation about race and ethnicity and use it to break down barriers, facilitate mutual understanding and respect, build bridges, and promote truth, justice and reconciliation    



We are a multi-racial, interfaith body of many striving to become one through a new conversation on race and ethnicity. We recognize the urgency to speak and listen to our racial and ethnic histories, experiences and struggles and to respect each person’s dignity and individual journey. Our differences will one day serve not to divide but to enrich and inspire...

Conversation Is Action


We create safe space to share the things that make us uncomfortable. We move past the limits of polite chat to form trusted community. Conversation, as we define it, is valuable in and of itself—it need not be only a vehicle to other action. It IS action. And we are committed to using the power of conversation to positively transform people and situations..